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Bangladesh is a country with a population of over 160 million people, and millions of youth not in education, employed, or in training. On the other side, the need for good jobs in Bangladesh is high. The Youth Employment through Skills (YES) initiative came up with the solution for this huge problem. YES is an educational programme that works with Bangladeshi youth to teach them basic coding skills. Students participate in a 6-month training course, which is led by a skilled coding instructor. They learn how to use computers, perform basic coding, and market themselves on freelancing web portals.

YES launched the crowdfunding campaign in November 2016 and, together with their partNers (Standard Chartered, Coders Trust, bKash, Better Shelter), successfulLy colLected $ 40,000. This amount provided the funds for mobile classroom and the training for the first group of 360 students. This way the mission of YES initiative - to provide Bangladeshi youth with relevant skills which will enable them to provide a decent livelihood for themselves and their families, is achieved. 

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Wednesday, 26 January 2022