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For those who haven't read the first part here is a little introduction. We are travelling around the world and meeting teams and projects of Global Crowdfunding Academy. All of them wish to make a change in their community. So, at the beginning of December we will gather in Istanbul and start working on realizing those dreams.

Last time we visited Macedonia, Columbia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Tajikistan. Now there are six more countries ahead of us. So let's continue our little adventure!

 Today our journey starts is in Zimbabwe. Project name: Young small-holder farmers Insurance and Risk Transfer Facility. Young small holder farmers are increasingly affected by extreme weather events and the adverse effects of climate change. To make things better an Innovation Centre/Hub for Enhanced Risk Reduction Capacities' for Small Holder farmers will be set up. As a both tangible and mobile innovation centre, in the shape of a bus and mobile tent, which will be a creative and innovate space for building solutions and partnerships. It's journey will start in June 2016, with young farmers, innovators and interested actors on board.

The second station Lebanon. Project name: Live Lebanon. This project targets four underprivileged communities in Lebanon; South, North, Bekaa,Mount Lebanon and Beirut.The main goal of project is to make sure that students are safe in traffic and it hopes to do it through infrastructure improvements and raising awareness about road safety.

On the third station we are in Madagascar introducing the Dairy Products for the Development of Androy. This project will promote the dairy sector and support the cooperative of dairy products through helping out the five women to develop a strong business and communication plan so that they access a crowdfunding platform and launch a campaign.

 Our next stop is Yemen with Mobile midwives project whose main objectives are to economically empower 'midwives' by engaging them in 'social businesses development' for self-reliance and improved livelihoods; to improve basic healthcare services in support of 'women in pregnancy' by tapping on the local midwives potential and to establish 'resident and mobile midwifery' clinics in rural areas for improved healthcare access. Through all this, the Project in overall will contribute, at the local level, to the decent work and economic growth, good health and societal well being, and gender equality, besides partnerships for sustainable development.

Fifth station is Egypt introducing TeleMedicine project that aims to improve the Healthcare services at large for rural communities and to focuses on decreasing child and maternal mortality rates in Nubian villages in Aswan Governorate through the installation of a videoconference and disease detection scanners. On this way it will be possible to virtually connect patients to doctors, who can then give a proper diagnosis in time to save his or her life.

And our last station on this journey is Kyrgyzstan and we are going to Day care center of elderly in Balykchy where we will raise funds for its warming because during the winter the Center cannot be fully functional. This Centre is a unique model for lonely retirees that provides them with diverse social, consumer, legal and psychological assistance and is based on the self-helping groups concept. The project will also combine DCC regular services with new innovative one – bringing children in from Balykchi orphanages to DCC during day time and arranging "grandparents and grandchildren" therapy. The elderly people will share their care, some experience and knowledge with orphans and get back love and joy.

Well, this was our little journey through projects around the world, now let's support our favorite ones and make the world a better place to live in.

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