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The first Global Crowdfunding Academy organized for and by the UNDP offices around the world had a really strong competition. After a tough selection process, we have chosen 11 teams with most inspiring projects from community green solutions to peacebuilding and poverty reduction.

Interested? Let's go on a little odyssey around the world, meet the teams and see what they want to change in their community with the help of crowdfunding.

First station: Republic of Macedonia. Project name: Let's paint Skopje from 50 shadesof GREY to 50 shades of GREEN. The main idea of this project is to pick out one prominent building in Skopje, turn it from grey to green and set an example for others to follow. The proposed building is the Skopje City Hospital, located right in the center – the most polluted area of the capital. So refurbishing this tall grey old building with green roof and façades would certainly have a great social impact and could inspire similar undertakings in other polluted areas of the country.

Second station: Bangladesh. Bangladesh team wants to enable digital Future for the Urban Poor. This project will aim to empower urban youth, age 18 to 26, to generate income, through building their capacities to navigate the IT freelance marketplace and facilitate job placement. The team wants to provide tailored training to 40 youngsters in two different batches, to engage community development committees to select the urban youth beneficiaries and to mobilize and build partnerships between local government, community development committees, digital champions and service providers from the private sector. Consequently, the digital divide and poverty in the country will be reduced.

On the third station we are in Columbia, and introducing the Peace Pathways project that is based on eco-friendly sources of energy (i.e. recyclable bottles used as lightbulbs and charged with solar energy). Energy will not only foster access to basic services but also strengthen local governance, thus reducing the recurrences of conflict in areas previously dominated by armed actors.

After Columbia we are traveling to Indonesia tothe province of East Nusa Tenggara which is located in the eastern part of Indonesia and is one of Indonesia's driest and poorest provinces. Here we are getting introduced to Village Climate Adaptation project, which aims to empower the rural communities in Palanggay Village to access clean water for home-grown production of seaweed that helps generate income for thelocal community. The Campaign will also help the villagers to improve their access to clean water for household consumption.

The last station on this tour lead us to Tajikistan, where the project Green School in Sorvo intends to provide access to sustainable energy and energy efficiency solutions through covering the roof or the backyard of the school with solar panels.

These are the first five teams. To find out about the others, follow our blog part two.

Author: Marina Zadro

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Wednesday, 26 January 2022