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Guzgef Solar School project aimed at improving education facilities in rural Tajikistan and provide a better education for children. Almost 70% of the population of Tajikistan live in rural and mountainous areas where electricity is available for no more than three hours a day. The country's lack of consistent grid power means that it is too dark and cold to study in the school during the winter months. As a result, students miss many days of school, making it difficult for them to receive a good education and graduate. At the same time, the country enjoys 280-330 sunny days a year, so the team behind this project created a plan to help resolve the problem of the energy crisis and provide an opportunity to use renewable energy solutions.

They launched the crowdfunding campaign in July 2016, and together with many backers and partners (NGO Little Earth, Flex Alumny Community, and Association of Innovative and Technological Entrepreneurship) successfully raised $ 8,092. Donations were used for the installation of solar panels (2 kW), energy efficient lightning, and an education program that engaged children in the process.  

The children are now being educated on green energy solutions, motivated to participate in building their solar school, creating a self-sustained system. School staff and students were trained on alternative energy sources so they could be ready to share their knowledge with other schools too. Thereby, green solutions are introduced to more people in rural areas, too. 

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Nice Post.

Nice Post.
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