UNDP's 1st Global Crowdfunding Academy took place in December of 2015 in Istanbul. Inspiring projects that ranged from community green solutions to peacebuilding and poverty reduction were presented by 11 teams from around the world.

Global Crowdfunding Academies are envisaged as 3-6 month service where the team identifies a pipeline of potential ideas, develops ideas into crowdfunding campaign and provides hands-on support during the campaign. The team is moving into the area of setting regional support centers with the best candidates by providing education, training and by connecting local actors, diaspora, start-up community, and social enterprises.


The interest for this year's academy was twice as large as last year and can be understood as an indication that new funding mechanisms are beginning to gain larger ground in CO operations across the globe. This year's Global Crowdfunding Academy was conceived as an educational program that brings together two types of teams, so the program includes two types of Academies.

This year, 11 different teams from around the world will be educated through this program. Most of the work will be done through webinars and individual consultations, while the campaigns will accomplish their final shape at the 5- day Crowdfunding Academy event in April 2017.

The program intended for the first group refers to the development of crowdfunding campaigns with a focus on crowd-investing and crowd-lending. Through webinars and the final event, 6 of 11 teams will be educated (Moldova, Tajikistan, Armenia, Guatemala, Guinea, Montenegro, and Kazakhstan). This implies our support to COs to transform internal UNDP project (or a part of the project) into a crowdfunding campaign and mobilizing funding accordingly.

The second type of education is targeted to the creation of national academies. In this sense, crowdfunding will be used as a service line to local NGOs and/or SMEs. Through webinars and final event, 5 of 11 teams will be educated. These teams come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Palestine, Ukraine, Ecuador, and Lebanon.

Teams will be educated through five webinars in a period of three months. While the first three webinars will be mandatory for all teams, the other two are designed specifically for equity and investment campaigns.