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Crowdfunding Academy in Ukraine is a three months project dedicated to entrepreneurs from conflict-affected areas in Donbas. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to rally all available resources to help improve the livelihoods of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities throughout Ukraine. 

Experts from UNDP Alternative Finance Lab and Terra Hub NGO, who created the concept of Crowdfunding Academy, as well as trainers from the leading Ukrainian online crowdfunding platform "Spilnokosht" are helping entrepreneurs raise funding for their businesses using online tools and innovative methodologies.

To be admitted to the Crowdfunding Academy, participants had to describe their business idea and specify the required investment. Crowdfunding experts have then selected the most interesting and socially relevant projects. The selected business ideas vary from the production of traditional Ukrainian carpets to online educational platform. In total, 12 projects received further support and mentorship in launching the campaigns, creating videos and infographics. 8 of the projects will launch on "Spilnokosht" and the remaining 4 on the "Indiegogo" international platform.

The Crowdfunding Academy thus opened its doors in February 2017 with online seminars and practical courses in Kyiv for the around 30 selected entrepreneurs. The educational program will cover all topics needed to launch and develop a crowdfunding campaign: from developing a concept and drafting a business plan, to designing and implementing the resource mobilization campaign.

Crowdfunding Academy Ukraine 2017 campaigns:

  • Tourist app WalQlike
  • A free application that will help to personalize your travel. It creates an individual route with quests and mysteries. Open up the city in a new playful way

  • VoltyCo - electric bike
  • The project model of an electric bike that can travel on a single charge for 120 km with a total load of 150 kg. VoltyCo - is a strong and durable electric bike for personal mobility and commercial transportation.

  • Scientific game "Secret Expedition"
  • Tabletop educational game for kids with scientific experiments. "Secret Expedition" not only unveils interesting facts about different cultures and nationalities, but also helps to learn the geography and even to conduct scientific experiments.

  • Film "Eyes of Donbass"
  • The story of Lugansk' little habitants, which is based on real events. The project will show what really happened in Donbas through the eyes of children, who found themselves in the middle of an armed conflict in 2014.

  • Thematic patches on clothes
  • Collection of custom fashion patches (patches for clothing), which call for tolerance, respect and protection of human rights. 10% from the revenue will go towards supporting NGOs that are engaged in human rights protection in Ukraine.

  • Green Schools
  • The "Green Schools" project aims to teach the pupils to have a respectful attitude for the environment. Students and teachers will plant over 50000 seedlings in areas near schools of Luhansk region

  • Energy-efficient housing
  • The "TOLOKA" housing cooperative team led by two IDPs, has developed a unique technology for the construction of residential buildings with a twice lower construction costs and up to 5 times cheaper utility bills.

  • Touristic village Kryva Luka
  • We dream, that Kryva Luka village becomes an island of green tourism in Eastern Ukraine. The idea of our current project is to build three special recreational facilities: two houses for sleeping on bee hives and one for relaxation.

  • Kids Club
  • Creation of subsidised groups for children with special needs and IDP-children based on the existing "Kids Club" in Rubizhne, Luhansk region, opened by local women.

  • Patent Bureau – PATENTOVED
  • Free internet platform, which helps authors and investors, entrepreneurs of small and medium businesses to protect their intellectual property.

  • Poltava traditional tapestry
  • The masters of Reshetylivka village are creating unique rugs and tapestries with traditional Ukrainian ornaments using an old and authentic technology. Support the only place of traditional carpet weaving in Ukraine.

  • Open Air Art Space
  • Large and equipped space that enables people to organize fairs, workshops, creative activities, produce, buy and sell their handmade products for people of Sloviansk, Donetsk region.

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