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CROWDFUNDING ACADEMY: Developing alternative financing culture in Croatia

Seems like the last few months have gone away in a blink of an eye – that's how long it passed since a group of seven started to plan the Crowdfunding Academy project at small UNDP office in Croatia. Many e-mails, social media posts, new faces, public presentations, crowdfunding facts and working hours later, we are starting to realize the real size of a rock that we've managed to move by successfully bringing this project to life.

Within the Crowdfunding Academy educational programme we gathered experts in business, financing, marketing, social media, journalism, strategy planning and many other fields, along with more or less successful crowdfunding campaigners from Croatia. They've shared their experiences through three modules tackling the issues of preparing, launching and carrying out a crowdfunding campaign. From creating a campaign that reaches potential backer's emotions to getting ready for 24/7 work once you launch it – we've learned that successful campaigning asks for persistent and devoted approach.

Module three, on launching a crowdfunding campaign, using collected funds and communicating with the backers, has closed the programme and slowly introduced us to the summer season during which the participating teams needed to bring their campaign preparations to the finish line. Once they reached that point, through their launch at the crowdfunding platforms, we will witness the final outcomes of all our hard work.

The rewarding feeling of a job-well-done is already with us. Taking into consideration that Croatians raised about $400,000 through crowdfunding platforms in 2014 when estimations say that about $10 billion got raised in total throughout the world, along with the fact that just 14 of 45 Croatian campaigns were successful, before we started it was clear that Croatia is still making baby steps when it comes to crowdfunding. Nowadays, with the help of enthusiasts gathered around the Crowdfunding Academy, it has a safe hand to hold on to during its further development. The acquaintances created during three educative modules, project presentations and supporting gatherings haven't just induced the exchange of knowledge and business cards – it helped better understanding of crowdfunding's development possibilities and prompted joint planning of the following projects.

Author: Kristina Laus



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Wednesday, 26 January 2022