‚Äč''Bring Water for Life'' was UNDP Indonesia's first crowdfunding campaign. This initiative is contributing to the achievement of the 17 globally committed Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), particularly in increasing access to clean water and sanitation, to end poverty, fight inequality and climate action. The campaign was launched on World Water day on March 22nd, 2016 and was aimed at gathering public support for providing clean water access for Napu, a remote village in East Sumba district, by building a solar-powered water pump system

Through collective efforts, the partnership with NGO Koppesda (based in East Sumba with supervision from UNDP) and with the support of 400 backers, $ 27,958 funds was raised through this campaign. The fund from the campaign was used to build one solar water pump in Napu by Koppesda. Achieving Sustainable Development Goals needs new thinking and this successful crowdfunding campaign is a good example of innovation and contribution to those goals .