Taste of Home is a culinary-cultural-research project that introduces the culture, customs and countries of origin of refugees and migrants in Croatia. Taste of Home initiative wanted to help refugees and migrants earn a living and become settled in Croatia. The crowdfunding campaign was launched in November 2015. With the help of over 500 backers, they have raised $ 19,649 and enabled financing for the kitchen space, and purchase of kitchen appliances (like refrigerators, cookers, blenders, pots, pans - basically everything that is necessary for cooking and starting a catering business).

Since the campaign's initial goal ($ 17,000) was exceeded, this initiative successfully established social cooperative run by refugees, migrants, and Croatian volunteers and thus enabled emancipation of refugees at the labour market. Taste of Home is led by values ??of appreciating human beings in search of happiness and safety ready to offer the best of them - tastes of their childhood as well as tastes of their adulthood in their new home. Collective "Taste of Home" gathers around 30 refugees and volunteers/activists.