​''STEMI'' is a robot you can make on your own at home. He can teach you much scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical concepts in a fun and easy way. By building STEMI you can learn 3D modelling, electronics, Arduino programming and mobile app programming. STEMI came as a spin-off of a non-profit organisation "Wind of Knowledge". It is an educational technology company that aims to improve the society by making learning a more enjoyable experience.

This crowdfunding campaign was launched in December 2015, and with help of 280 backers and over 30 partners, STEMI raised $ 36,816 (although the initial objective was twice smaller). But the team behind the project did not stop there. The successful campaign enabled them a collaboration with many organisations, and they've also donated 30 STEMI robots to different schools in Croatia. This amazing team has a long-term vision for changing the world for the better. They want to build a learning ecosystem and convert as many people as possible from being just consumers of technology to being creators, makers and innovators.