Crowdfunding Academy Croatia is a non-formal educational programme on developing crowdfunding campaigns aimed for training cooperatives, municipalities and cities, start-up companies, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and all citizens with interesting and innovative projects.
The second Crowdfunding Academy took place in summer of 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia with 19 participating teams. All of our teams had great, creative and sustainable ideas such as healthy meals projects, mental health campaign, and campaign for opening the first coffee shop in Croatia to employ people with Down syndrome.The educational program was carried out through four modules.‚Äč

During the first workshop team members were introduced to the basics of a crowdfunding campaign, the division of roles among the participants in the team, and other important things for the concept of the campaign.

The second workshop aimed to teach the participants how to successfully set up and develop a crowdfunding campaign, how to select attractive prizes for donation and how to express their idea using visual communication.

During the third module, our teams had a chance to learn how to get media attention, how to successfully promote on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, and how to attract the local community to get involved and support their project.

Through the last module of 2016 Crowdfunding Academy, participants got a lot of tips and advice for the final phase - implementation of the campaign.