Crowdfunding Academy Croatia is a non-formal educational programme on developing crowdfunding campaigns aimed for training cooperatives, municipalities and cities, start-up companies, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and all citizens with interesting and innovative projects.

The first Crowdfunding Academy took place in spring of 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia with 14 participating teams. The projects range from helping migrants set up their own businesses in host countries, to introducing STEM education at schools or improving the nutrition of kids in schools, to the growth of new startups.‚Äč

The program was carried out through three modules. During the first module, participants were introduced with the foundations of a successful crowdfunding campaign and given useful advice on preparing the campaign from business experts, financial experts, and organizers of successful campaigns.

The second module covered public relations and social media themes and participants were given advice from strategy planning, marketing, and social media experts. Through the final module of Crowdfunding Academy, 2015 participants found out everything they need to know about launching the campaign, communicating with the backers and using collected funds.